Music Teacher and Piano Student

Nurturing musical talent and advancing music performance and appreciation

Students studying privately at PCM benefit from our faculty’s outstanding knowledge, compassionate approach, and highly effective methods of nurturing talent. Our Faculty represent some of the most gifted musicians and educators in the state of Maine. Private lessons are offered for over 25 different instruments, as well as for composition, music history and theory.

Benefits of Private Lessons

  • One-on-one attention means individual assistance at just the right time
  • Each student’s unique talents and interests are understood and addressed
  • Teaching approaches adapted to each student’s learning style
  • Personal interaction with a caring and attentive teacher promotes accountability and motivation
  • Advanced students are exposed to professional musicians who are inspiring role models
Music Teacher and Drum Student

Costs of Private Lessons

Our one-time registration fee of $40 covers the entire academic year, including fall, spring, and summer semesters. Fall and spring semesters are 16 teaching weeks each, with some breaks and holidays. Students are expected to register for 16 weekly lessons.

Tuition must be paid in advance of lessons. You can set up a monthly payment schedule if you prefer.

30 min. 45 min. 60 min.
Cost per lesson $40 $55 $70
1 semester – 16 lessons $640 $880 $1,120
2 semesters – 32 lessons $1,280 $1,760 $2,240

Do you need financial assistance?

We can help cover the costs of private lessons through our Need-Based Financial Assistance program. It reduces regular tuition by 30% to 50%. Learn more about our aid programs. We encourage you to apply where the need exists.

How to Apply

First we need to learn more about you. We’ll then match you, based on your background and availability, with a teacher with a compatible schedule.

Fill out the online New Student Availability Form

Within 5-7 days, the music teacher will reach out to you directly by email or phone to arrange a lesson.

To see if lessons are a good fit, 30 to 60-minute trial lessons are available without needing to register for the entire semester. The fees for a trial lesson are: $40 for a 30-minute lesson; $55 for a 45-minute lesson; and $70 for a 60-minute lesson.

We also offer free 15-minute meet and greets.

If you prefer, give us a call at (207) 775-3356 or email us to talk to the Registrar.  We’re here to help you find the right teacher for your instrument.