Jazz Studies Program - Portland Conservatory of Music

Our innovative jazz program teaches students how to improvise and to understand contemporary and classic jazz.

Visiting jazz artists work with our jazz studies program director, Titus Abbott, to make this American musical art form come alive for our students.

Our Program

  • Ensemble classes for youth and adults
  • Jazz harmony
  • Jazz history

If you’re already enrolled in a school jazz band, our program can help you feel confident:

  • Improvising
  • Performing on stage
  • Preparing for college auditions.

Program Director

Titus Abbott leads the program. He is a jazz saxophonist who performs both as leader and sideman in the US, Canada and Europe. His primary instruments are saxophones and clarinets, but he has trained on piano, bass and drums.

He has been teaching privately for over 20 years and is dedicated to introducing young musicians to the art of improvisation.

Join Our Certificate Program, Too!

Our Certificate Program includes a Jazz Track on the way to receiving a Portland Conservatory of Music Certificate.

The Portland Conservatory of Music Certificate Program is a competitive and professionally oriented program dedicated to the musical and personal growth of musicians of all ages. Adult students are encouraged to apply to the program. There are two certificate levels, Standard and Advanced, that offer a diverse mix of classroom, ensemble, performance, and lecture over the course of 4-6 semesters.

This Certificate is specially designed to widen students musical knowledge to become a more well rounded musician and person, strengthen their resume or college application, prepare for auditions, music schools or a career in music; and create lifelong connections with peer musicians and faculty. The program is also open to adults interested in enhancing their musical background and performance skills.

Learn more about our the curriculum as well!

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