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Purchase Jazz Shares and support the continued success of Dimensions in Jazz.

  • Available for $150
  • 10 admissions to any Dimensions in Jazz concert
  • No expiration date

Jazz Shares is based on the win-win model of Farm Shares: local residents ensure the continued success of local farmers and enjoy delivery of high-quality products through pre-payment.

Operating under the fiscal aegis of the Portland Conservatory of Music and led by longtime Portland jazz impresario Paul Lichter, Dimensions in Jazz is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the continued vitality of jazz in Maine.

If you would like to purchase a Jazz Share, please make checks payable to Portland Conservatory of Music and mail to:

Portland Conservatory of Music
28 Neal Street
Portland, ME 04102

OR to purchase online, simply navigate to any Dimensions in Jazz Concert listing and purchase a jazz share there.