We are excited to be able to continue our end-of-semester recitals even while we are still social distancing! PCM’s online recitals will be submitted as video recordings using Dropbox.

The videos will be edited together into one video that will be streamed over Zoom at 5:00 pm on June 1st, June 2nd, and June 3rd for PCM students, family, and faculty to watch together.

Each performer is limited to 10 minutes, although we are recommending choosing pieces or movements that are shorter if possible.

We can’t wait to see what you have been working on this semester!

Deadline: Videos should be submitted by Friday, May 22 by 11:00 pm to allow PCM ample time to edit and compile the videos. Late submissions may not be accepted.

Online Performance Dates: Mon-Weds., June 1-3 at 5:00 pm

Video Submission Instructions

Step 1: Submit your program information
Complete the form at this link: https://forms.gle/HxcUvoMrbD7ikgV88

Step 2: Upload your video to Dropbox (Note:  A Dropbox account is not required in order to submit a video.)

Monday, June 1: https://www.dropbox.com/request/N492TXZJIZPilP4MrL22

Tuesday, June 2: https://www.dropbox.com/request/OaenFcGRMp0SCKSqM1HK

Wednesday, June 3: https://www.dropbox.com/request/L1of4c7HmjSXVN9qfMRW

How to film your recital video

  • First, make sure to confirm your recital piece with your teacher
  • If filming with a phone or tablet, please turn the phone sideways so the video is in landscape mode
  • Please limit background noise so we can hear your performance clearly
  • Be sure to state your name, the piece you are performing, add any brief comments you would like to make to the audience, and take a bow!
  • Keep in mind that each performer is limited to 10 minutes in total

File requirements

  • Name your video file: “Teacher last name_Student name_Piece”
    Example: Bowder_ClareCrane_JoytoTheWorld
  • If you are uploading more than one piece, please upload each as a separate video file

Need assistance?

Reach out to Clare Crane at recitals@portlandconservatoryofmusic.org with any questions. Thanks!