Dimensions in Jazz

Fall Concert Schedule

  • Doors open at 7:30 pm, shows start at 8:00 pm.
  • Tickets: $5 students, $15 Seniors, $20 in advance, $25 at the door.
  • Shows at the Conservatory or other venues as scheduled
  • Read our COVID policy for attending concerts

Aug 24 Jazz All-Stars Play Peaks
– Ben Street, bass; RJ Miller, drummer; George Garzone, saxophone
Greenwood Gardens, Peaks Island
Sept 25 The Art Of The Duo
– Joe Fonda, bass; Charlie Kohlhase, saxophone
PCM | 28 Neal St.
Oct 8 An Evening with RJ Miller
– Solo percussion and  electronica
PCM | 28 Neal St.
Oct 23 Frank Carlberg Trio – “Reflections 1952”
– Frank Carlberg, piano; Francisco Mela, drummer; Max Ridaley,  bass
PCM | 28 Neal St.
Nov 13

The Joe Fonda Quartet
– Joe Fonda, bass; Harvey Sorgen, drums; Jeff Lederer, saxophone; Mike Rabinowitz, piano | Free Workshop at 4:00 pm

PCM | 28 Neal St.
Nov 27 The Ryan Blotnick Band
– Ryan Blotnick, guitar; Danny Fisher-Lockhead, also saxophone, electric cello, keyboards; and special guest Treyan Nelson, drums, keyboards, piano
PCM | 28 Neal St.
Dec 11 Time Zones
– Gary Wittner, guitar; Michael Gallant, violin; Eric La Perna, percussion
PCM | 28 Neal St.
Dec 26 Home For The Holidays PCM | 28 Neal St.
Mar 5 Brian Shankar Adler Quartet PCM | 28 Neal St.

Paul Lichter, DIJ’s Director

Paul Lichter, DIJ's Director

Paul Lichter, Artistic Director of PCM’s Dimensions in Jazz Series, has been presenting cutting edge jazz and improvising artists to Maine audiences for over 30 years and, through his 20 plus years as lecturer and administrator at the Maine Jazz Camp, has been instrumental in exposing student musicians from all over Maine and beyond to the richness of America’s most singular art form.

Founder and club owner of  Portland’s famed jazz club Cafe No from 1988 to 1995, Paul is Portland’s own jazz impresario. The now legendary nightclub had a great jazz atmosphere and hosted well-known groups like the Boston-based jazz trio The Frindge and trumpeter Dave Ballou.

When the club closed, Paul started DIJ and eventually teamed up with the Conservatory to offer area jazz fans a chance to hear some of the best local, national and international jazz performers.

For more information, call Paul at (207) 828-1310, or the PCM’s Registrar for information about our Jazz Studies Program, which compliments the DIJ series.

Sampler of Concert Performances

Jazz All-Stars Play Peaks on August 24 

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