Tuition and fees
Tuition each semester $700
Tuition for the Academic Year* $1,400
Registration fee $35
Fee for late payment $25

* Tuition cost does not include financial aid.

Payment due dates
Fall semester $700 Due date: Sept. 10
Spring semester $700 Due date: Jan. 24

Additional Instruction Costs

The Portland Conservatory of Music also offers private instrumental or voice instruction. These lessons are paid separately and scheduled according to faculty availability.

Questions? Learn more about private lessons.

Withdrawals and Refunds

When a student withdraws after making the tuition payment, PCM policies depend on how long the student has been attending the program.

Withdrawal Policies * 
Before classes start Full refund
Up to week 4 of classes $350
After week 4 of classes No refund

*  The date of withdrawal will be the date on which PCM is notified in writing.

Financial Aid

The Portland Conservatory of Music strives to provide access to music education to students from all financial backgrounds. The College Prep Program strives to make our offerings accessible to all admitted students.

Financial aid scholarships are awarded after admission into the program and based solely on financial need. The amount of financial aid awarded will range depending on each student’s financial documentation.

Students receiving financial aid are expected to attend all classes and keep the highest of standards in their classwork.

How to Apply

When completing the online College Prep Program application form, please check the box indicating your wish to apply for financial aid and then complete the online application for financial assistance.

Application for Assistance

Do you have questions?

Please give us a call at (207) 775-3356 or email our Registrar.