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Photo by Fred Field

PCM offers students the opportunity to be placed in trios or quartets. Students are placed in these groups based on interest and ability, and are matched with a faculty coach. Ensembles are open to all ages and rehearsals are one hour each week. Chamber ensembles rehearse over a 10 week period each semester, culminating in a performance opportunity. Students will work together with the ensemble members and faculty coach to choose appropriate repertoire.

Playing in a chamber ensemble is an invaluable experience for any musician. Students learn the importance of balance, taking leadership to showcase important lines and learning when to play at a softer dynamic to showcase others. Every player is heard, teaching students to take ownership of their parts while listening for the nuances in others. As members of an ensemble, students gain a shared sense of responsibility, becoming better listeners, performers, and musicians as a whole.

If you would like to be placed in a chamber ensemble, please fill out the form below and bring it to the PCM office or email it to info@portlandconservatoryofmusic.org

Chamber Ensembles Student Form

Cost is $230 per person, per semester. For more information, call us at 775-3356, email us at info@portlandconservatoryofmusic.org, or stop by the PCM office.